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I am a Qualified Primary Teacher and 11+ Tutor in Shoebury, Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

If you are looking at this page then you are considering or have already started tuition for 11+. It is a daunting time for a 10-year-old to go through. Are Grammar schools worth it? You wouldn’t go through it if you didn’t believe that.

The education your child receives from school must not be underestimated because, without it, they would not have the foundations for a tutor to build on for the 11+. The more gaps there are in their foundation the further back and the longer the time needed with a tutor.

If your child has had a very good education then on average they will need approximately 1year of private tuition. However, more and more parents are choosing to start in Year 4 because the date in Essex has been brought forward to November.

It is very important that Verbal Reasoning be introduced much earlier, and it is mostly only preparatory schools that have this built into their curriculums.  That is all preparation for the 11+ exam.

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Mathematics is important to equip children with a powerful set of cognitive tools to understand and change the world. Mathematics is, therefore, a creative discipline.


English is crucial for children to develop their learning capability. Learning English at an early stage will help them with reading, basic math and communication skills

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning develops your child’s ability to understand written information and interpret it through clear articulation the testing of these techniques.

Meet our Tutor

Qualified Primary Teacher and 11+ Tutor

I’ve completed my Bachelor Primary Education (4-year degree) at University of Durban, South Africa ‘94,.  I taught Maths at High School Level for 1 year; Music at Independent School for 1year and Primary subjects from then on till I moved to UK in 2003 where I started teaching music at independent school.  I then move to an Preparatory School in Westclif on sea.  I was promoted to Senior Teacher after only one year of teaching year 1, to teach year 5 since September 2004.

My successes in this short time at the Preparatory School are described in the following initiatives:

  • Introduction of the 11+ course in October half term: This special crash-course before the 11+ is extremely popular and it is valued highly, not only by the children, but also by the parents.
  • The Ducklings project: This project was great fun and for months it was the centre of attention of the school – not to mention “Preparatory School in the News” when a large picture and article was published in the newspaper.
  • Guitar Club: This initiative of mine is still in such high demand that parents pay in advance for their children to join the club.
  • EssexFM Kids: It was so exciting to hear the children of the Preparatory School on EssexFM and I felt proud to be, not only associated with the school, but also that my work paid off in terms of recognition.
  • Year 6 Farewell: This dual purpose project each year (fundraising and organizing) is not only a very appropriate way to say “Good Bye” to the Year Six children, but it also advances the year Fives to a higher level of education in the form of taking responsibility for fundraising as well as the organizing and success of the evening.
  • Web-page: Many compliments have been received for the improvement of the school’s web-page – who has eventually given in to my nagging.
  • Other IT Initiatives: I’ve enjoyed supporting the office with various IT initiatives – especially the School’s letterhead and Compliment slip.

I started my own Tutoring Business, initially part time – after hours from home between 5:0pm and 9:00pm in the evenings – following the 11Plus curriculum.

In 2008 I have decided to do full-time tutoring – five days a week between 230 pm and 7:30pm.

Qualified Primary Teacher and 11+ Tutor​

Frances van der Merwe


My successes are:

  • Over 90% pass rate in the 11+ exams (in comparison with 70-80% from other organizations)

  • Fully booked with a long waiting list of parents who want me to tutor their children.

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